Lorna’s Story

Lorna was born in Canada and started her professional life as a documentary film producer with the National Film Board of Canada, producing films focused on issues of concern to women and families. She was fascinated by how people met challenges in their lives and overcame them. Her films reflected a real belief in the ability of people to triumph over adversity.

While she loved producing films, she longed for something that would put her in more direct contact with people. Originally considering a career in psychology, a chance encounter with the fledgling personal development field moved her in a very different direction. She became a personal coach and trainer with the Success Motivation Institute (one of the earliest companies in the field of personal development) and was certified to train and support clients in the areas of time management and goal setting.

At the age of 40, with a young son and a husband in a career transition, Lorna realized that she needed something that would provide her with greater financial rewards. Film production, teaching (She had been an adjunct professor in universities in both Canada and the US.) and coaching had been personally rewarding but had not provided her with the financial compensation she needed.

Her search introduced her to the direct sales industry and it was there that she found everything coming together. It was personally rewarding to help others achieve their dreams, it was financially rewarding and it allowed Lorna to use all the skills she had been developing over the decades.

Lorna quickly became one of the top producers with one of the largest Direct Sales company in North America. She developed a marketing team across the US and Canada and was honored as a Millionaire Club member in her first decade with the company, having earned over a million dollars in commissions. She was one of only a very small number of women to reach the top position in her company.

Lorna believes that direct sales as the answer for work/life balance in the lives of women. To share her love of the profession and the information that made her successful, Lorna began writing books on the subject. Two books in a series have been published in 2009: The Absolute Best Way for Women to Make Money and a similar book focusing on African American women.

Today she continues to use her experience to do what she has always done – support others in the realization of their success. She coaches, speaks and writes. She has produced three very successful books and co-authored others with writers like John Fogg and Robert Allen.

She lives in Atlanta, GA with her architect husband, George Hornbein. She is the mother of a son, Drew Hornbein, who has his own graphics arts business in Brooklyn.

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