The Absolute Best Way for Women to Make Money isn’t just an interesting title; it is a recipe for time freedom and money freedom.

“It is time for women to start earning the type of money they really deserve. This book tells them how to do it.”                                                                                                                                           Mark Victor Hansen, co-author or the Chicken Soup series of books

The ideas, solutions and tools are the same in both of the Absolute Best Way books, but the stories are very different. Written as parables, each story is based on real experiences of real women. These are characters with whom women relate, so much so that many women have expressed “That’s me you are writing about!”

These are books for women who want more out of life – more time, more recognition, more significance, and more money. They will inspire as they instruct.

Purchase a copy of the workbook as a self-guided workbook to do alone or with a group of women.  It goes with either of the Absolute Best Way books and is a great way to delve deeper into the topic and into yourself.


The Absolute Best Way for Women To Make Money

cover3d_1396216874Kirsten and Paula had been inseparable as young adults. They were adventurous, optimistic and, above all, determined to make something of their lives.

But something came along to send them on different paths and their situations, once so similar, were now very different. A chance encounter started the old friends on a journey of discovery that not only rekindled their friendship but illustrated for them, and for the reader, that success is often a matter of really knowing what you want and being open to finding it.

Join Paula as she shows her old friend Kirsten the way she took to financial freedom. And share with Kirsten a journey of self-discovery as she learns about herself and the world of opportunity awaiting her. If you have ever felt stuck or question the direction your life is taking, this is the book for you.

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The Absolute Best Way for African American Women to Make Money

cover3d_1396216721When life separates two life-long friends, Tanisha and Serena, their paths take them in two totally different directions. One is frustrated and failing while the other is flourishing.

The book follows the two friends on a journey of discovery and delivers a message to them, and to all of us, that there is a way for African American women to partake of a life and lifestyle that they deserve.

We invite you to read and enjoy this story of awakening and self-discovery. But we also invite you to take the journey along with Tanisha and Serena. Learn what you are really searching for, how to make changes in your life and what path is the right one for you.

Also, meet and read advice from a sampling of very successful black women who left a world of constraints and limitations in corporate America for a life that rewards them for who they are, what they do and how they help others.

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Absolute Best Way for Women to Make Money Self Study E Workbook

cover3d_1396215929This newly released workbook takes you on a self-study journey through either of  the Absolute Best Way  books. The workbook is designed for anyone who wants to really explore what they are doing with their lives  – and where they want to go. It takes the individual through a series of exercises and experiences,  exploring the issues raised in the book and addressing the possible options.

 25 pages  Self-Directed Workbook

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Direct Selling Power

“Direct Selling Power is a ‘must read’ for every direct seller who has a dream of a life-changing business. These twenty direct selling experts are sharing top-level, invaluable ideas that are the keys to having a successful direct sales business. This is good, solid practical advice that you can implement today.”
–Marcia Weider, Founder, Dream University

Direct Selling Power is the key ingredient to building a successful direct selling or network marketing business. With this comprehensive resource, you can quickly learn how top leaders in direct selling conduct themselves to get the very best results. With Direct Selling Power you will have at your fingertips the very best tools and ideas from respected experts that you can use every day to accelerate your business with ease.

Order your copy of Direct Selling Power, 230 pp softcover  to be shipped to you directly.

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